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in the virginia senate race. they say it is a tossup between tim kaine and george allen. they met in an hour-long debate moderated by david gregory. two more debates scheduled for october. >> good afternoon. welcome to the virginia senatorial debate between democrat tim kane, and republican george allen, hosted by the fairfax county chamber of commerce. i am david gregory. moderator of me to the press and today's debate. i want to begin by covering the rules of today's event. the event will last one hour and again with two opening statements from each candidate. we will pose questions directly to the candidate. the questions were determined by the panelists. i am not been received by the candidate or reviewed by the fairfax chamber. each candidate will have one minute and 30 seconds to respond. and the candidate answering first will have an additional one minute rebuttal. i would like to reserve the right to follow up with some questions as i see it as the moderator. we will conclude with a two minute closing statement from each candidate. there's a timekeeper in the front row. i want to wel
of his time. for what purpose does the gentleman from virginia seek recognition? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from virginia is recognized for one minute. >> mr. speaker, americans continue to look for work, put food on the table and ensure their children have school supplies as fall comes into full swing, yet the house is set to leave washington today with many items on its to-do list. while congress works to finish up to pass a budget to fund the federal government, catastrophic cuts loom on the horizon set to hit january, 2013. mr. wittman: leaving these cuts is unconshenable. it's not the right thing to do. our all-volunteer force is at war and these cuts threaten our national security. furthermore, they threaten over 200,000 jobs in virginia. nine days remain before the new fiscal year begins. congress should do the right thing and stay in washington instead of ignoring the reality and delaying tough decisions. it's time to put governing over politics.
to the gentleman from virginia, the ranking member of the judiciary committee, mr. scott. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for three minutes. mr. scott: thank you, madam speaker. i oppose this rule because it does not allow consideration for amendments to the fisa bill that would strengthen the underlying bill by providing for greater accountability to the republic of otherwise wholly secretive processes. operations of the government must be held accountable to the people. the problem with holding operations under the existing fisa law is that most of the activities under it are conducted in secrecy. the fact that i or other members of congress have access to classified information regarding those secret activities is not sufficient for public accountability. even if i were satisfied by my access to classified information that only reasonable and constitutionally justified actions are being take by officials in secret, i would still feel the need to give greater assurances to the public other than simply trust me, i'm satisfied, so so should you. curiously if i'm
california, mr. waxman and the gentleman from florida, mr. mica and the gentleman from west virginia, mr. rahall, each will control 10 minutes. and the house will be in order. and the chair would recognize the gentleman from washington, mr. hastings. mr. hastings: i yield myself such time as i may consume. the chair: the gentleman is recognized. mr. hastings: mr. chairman, 2008 campaign, president obama plainly declared the policies he supports would bankrupt american coal production. the obama administration has waged a war on coal, coal jobs and the small businesses in the mining supply chain and the low cost energy that millions of americans rely on. mr. chairman, the house is not in order. the chair: the gentleman is correct. the committee will be in order and the chair would ask members to take your conversations in the back of the chamber, to remove your conversations from the floor, please. take your seats. the gentleman from washington. mr. hastings: thank you, mr. chairman. mr. chairman, amazingly, the obama administration has denied that they have launched a war on coal, yet th
and canada for the senate in virginia. >> good evening. it is so great to be here tonight. charlotte is doing a great job and i especially want to give thanks to my friends from virginia. [cheering and applause] a few years ago, very few imagined a virginia would be a battleground state. virginia had last botha for a democrat for president in 1964. but in 2008, we probably cast our electoral votes for president obama. [cheering and applause] in 2006, and in 2008, we elected to outstanding senators, jim webb and mark warner. if i have anything to do with that, we will win again in 2012. [applause] how did virginia go from red to purple? we did it with grass roots of excitement and hard work. we showed virginians that democrats get results. when i was governor during the worst recession since the great depression, a virginia maintained one of the lowest unemployment rates in america. we kept our aaa bond rating. we were named the most business- friendly state, best managed state, best state to raise a child. in virginia, we cut billions from the state government while making critical investment
backstage about an experience you had in virginia last week. >> i was traveling around the state, and i have a series of roundtables with women who were undecided. i had a chance to move them from the undecided to the decided column. i think i did a good job. they wanted a conversation on how the president is fighting so hard for women, and we're seeing at the federal level how the president believes in a woman's right to choose and how the first bill he signed was the lilly ledbetter act and how is fighting to combat domestic violence. also, the economy, our president has fought so hard to get our economy moving in the right direction. it was great to talk to people and hear their stories and hear how their stories resonated with what the president is trying to do. >> in addition to your dÉjÀ, you will be out on the trail as well. >> we will be busy text several days. the states and it is -- the stakes in this election are high, and not anonly as a senior adviser to the president, but as a mom and someone looking forward to being a grandmother one day -- not right now, but someday soon --
there are races with the model but even better. in virginia is in a very tight election. we had 75 polls. all but 10 have been within the margin of error. over half have been exactly tied. when you look at independent women in the suburbs of washington and richmond, of these people will be turned off not just by the economic model but also george allen is in favor of a person would amendment that would essentially outlaw choice and failed in mississippi i. i do think reaching out to women and maximizing our vote in continuing the growth will be key. >> what was the other one? >> of virginia would be the most solid. if you look a kansas city, there is a good model there. indiana. the suburbs of indianapolis and the movement in the race to where we were in 2010 is almost entirely white independent women in the suburbs of indianapolis. we have a candidate that can reach out to those folks. >> we did the same panel in tampa where your partner suggested that the redistricting will plus the candidate recruitment means republicans could pick up seats in the house. nancy pelosi said democrats will pi
what we need. host: our next caller is germane, and republican in virginia. caller: good afternoon. i'm going hear back and forth. i watched the action with the republicans. from thering now th democrats. president obama is making a change, but we both made some good points on the democratic side and the republican side. what everyone is failing to realize is too big a change, you cannot make a change from the middle. you have to regroup and start over. you can never go where you look awful. i am a republican myself. you cannot say the man is to blame for lot of things. from our side, we look from an standpoint were a lot of us are fortunate. we do know know what it is like. the lower class really struck it. i would like to see the democrats and republicans use both of those ideas. if you look at it from a down point, barack obama has a great point. he has a great aspect. he is ready to lead this country. mitt has come from a fortunate family. he is speaking from a fortune family aspect versus of barack obama speaking from someone who has been there is trouble. you cannot say he is to
with virginia residents who are either undecided voters or those who could change their minds before november. we will follow this focus group with remarks from political reporters. plus your phone calls, comments and tweaks. it's conducted by hart research associates, life here at 7:00 eastern on c-span. >> in his state of the union address, the european commission president called for the european union to evolve into a federation of nation states. he talked about ways to fix the financial crisis and outlook -- outlined long-term goals to promote growth and stability. this is his third state of the union address before the european parliament in strasbourg, france. this is 50 minutes. >> members, may i ask you to please take your seats now. please be seated. i would like to open today's meeting. ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. welcome to everybody. just to remind you that the first program on the agenda, the statement on the state of the union from the president of the union will take place. but before we go to the order of the day, i think it is worth while noting that for today, i
they had strong opposition to the voter i.d. loss in virginia, and they thought they were caught it disproportionately impact people of color. in april 8 issue that editorial, because they said virginia did have a problem, that there were 10 felons convicted who were found to have voted illegally, and also in april of this year, in a statewide report, they found 50 people in virginia who voted illegally. the newspaper said that this was not a problem in search of the solution or the solution in search of a problem, but that this was very real. is this racialization? these voter i.d. lost are designed specifically to allow people to have the confidence and the integrity of the ballot box that has been upheld by a supreme court. no, dr. hill, i do not think this is a racialization. >> in your answer, i would like you to -- i want to put this forward. when you look at the data that suggests that when these laws get implemented, fewer black people vote. how is that not on its face and rationalized -- a rqa alized thing? >> my mom tells me these things, because they may be the woman i
history. john paige, in 1791, a congressman from virginia, was on the house floor when it was determined whether the -- when the house was debating whether they stuck around to determine where postal routes should be. people wanted to go and more importantly the people trusted the president. the question is, why don't we just let the president do it all? it was john paige who stood up and said, may we move to adjourn and leave all decisions to the sole consideration of the president. he shamed the congress into doing their job, not allowing the president to -- the executive branch to do everything by fiat. we put in language like the secretary of the treasury, will be able to purchase troubled assets on such terms and conditions as are determined by the secretary or authorize any purchase on which the secretary determines promotes financial market stability or the secretary's authorized to take such action as the secretary deems necessary to carry out all authorities in this particular act. that is legislative authority that we passed on to the executive branch. that was a tragic mistake
carolina. we live in virginia, and we live in florida. and you know what else lives in north carolina and virginia and florida? the biggest allocation of federal spending that god could help for in bases and in location of servicemen who are the great pump-priming example that southerners love and pretend is not federal pump- priming. i mean -- anyway. \[laughter] >> we don't get a lot of the actually military construction. i mean, it's mostly base money, i think. >> we already paid it out, boy. come on. >> i think our defense budget is more than the next 17 countries combined, something like that. >> maybe 40. >> question, question. yes, sir. >> i'd like to ask the panelists, how long can we continue to go down this path that you have all described without addressing a single one of the issues that confront us today? how long can we continue down this path? >> i woke up one day and i said to myself, why is it that in a set of circumstances which in other places and other times would have had people out marching, would have people out at levels of protests which would be hair-raising,
virginia with kane. the other thing i will say is that if you want to talk about enthusiasm, i look a little less at enthusiasm in trying to focus on pragmatism. your message at the end of the day when people go into the voting booth is to is going to look out for me. to is more like me? sometimes we overblow enthusiasm because politics start so early. we are talking about enthusiasm gap in march. labor day is when the bell rings and people are engaged. they will be engaged at a pragmatism level. that's small amounts of undecided will come to us because of that. >> i would agree with everything they said. if you other things to touch on. the first is the young women and moms. i've been standing walmart moms. we did survey work and we have a series of focus groups. we asked a question, are you more concerned about your household economy or the national economy and the nation's debt? walmart hollande 2-170 concerned about their own. -- walmart moms said two-one concerned about their own. they are not just a downscale moms. they are across the board. they do tend to be a swing. they ha
is in real jeopardy there. >> whether or not he repeated in virginia depends on what? >> whether we get more votes. [laughter] what else do you need to know? [laughter] you know, i think virginia is going to be very close. virginia is closed now. i think it will continue to be close. a closely-divided state. we want to run our numbers up in northern virginia. i think the positions that governor romney has taken on issues like contraception is motivational for voters in that area. virginia is a state that prizes education. you know, the governor stressed education. that was the key to va's economic reform which has been very good. so i think they would appreciate a president that believes education has to be at the core of our economic strategy, and that is going to help us in that state. but there's no doubt, they're called battleground states for a reason, and it will be very close. >> the obama campaign in the obama white house have been sophisticated in the approach to how people consume information. we had a guest here the talked about how they use the videos in the 2008 campaign. based
one minute to the gentleman from virginia, our leader. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for one minute. mr. cantor: thank you, madam speaker. i want to thank the gentleman from new jersey and commend the gentleman from florida on bringing this bill forward. madam speaker, the bill before us is not about tax rates. because i think that that issue will be resolved one way or another here shortly in this election. because we know that there's a difference between the two sides. unfortunately our counterparts on the other side of the aisle think it's very important in this tough economy to raise taxes. we don't believe that, madam speaker. but the bill before us simply asks the president to give us his plan for replacing the first year of cuts in the sequester. it has been 126 days since we passed our plan to responsibly replace the sequester with cuts that maintain our fiscal discipline. our plan controls unchecked government spending and reduces wasteful and duplicative programs. but still there has been no action and no proposal coming from the othe
obama visits new york city tomorrow. he will also visit florida, virginia, and wisconsin. the crummy plans to visit -- mitt romney plans to visit new york also before visiting florida on wednesday. tonight, a focus group with virginia voters who are either undecided or those who could change their minds before november, with both supporters of governor romney and the president. we will follow best focus group to march from political reporters, including dan balz, plus your phone calls and tweets, conducted by hart research associates, starting at 7:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> the country faces the starkest choice for president in my memory. you see, president and i have fundamentally different visions that governor romney and congressman ryan. and a different value set that guides us. >> under the current president, we are at risk of becoming a poor country, because he looks to government as a great benefactor in every life. our opponents even have a new model. they say "government is the only thing we all belong to." i do not know about you, but i have never thought of government
of 1200 workers and immediate 400 jobs lost in virginia, west virginia and pennsylvania. the fact that the coal industry is facing tough times isn't news. they have other energy competitors including natural gas, labor costs. the issue that's news worthy is the additional burden being placed on american employers during such difficult and tough economic times. the administration announced intentions to eliminate coal. our most abundant natural resource from our fuel mix with no clear plan to replace it with any effective alternative has taken a significant toll on employers and individuals across my home state. here are the several news headlines of closures and layoffs in my home district from the past several months. september 18, headline, financial resources closing eight coal mine. 400 jobs cut in virginia, west virginia and my home state of pennsylvania. august 30 headline. another round of joy workers laid off, the dairy. in august, manufacturing in franklin county, pennsylvania, posted another round of employee layoffs. 43 most were notified they've been furloughed from th
of pulling back on this. i got a mail -- i live in virginia -- i got a mail at my house for my daughter, who registered to vote a week ago. it repeated all the lines in the welfare at. -- ad. i think the romney campaign has found a message that it once to -- wants to keep hitting. i think that will come up in the debate. we will hear from obama. initially, we saw this in the polls, this has resonated, their traditional scare seniors about medicare tactics. that has been working really well. so i think obama will bring that up. one thing we will hear is the phrase that romney would end medicare's guarantee, which is a phrase the democrats have liked to use recently. we have raided that half-true for two reasons. one, it is not like it really has a guarantee now. congress can change the medicare benefits any time it wants to. it frequently has. now, romney would change the structure in which people would pay for medicare. it would go from being -- it would turn into the essentially a voucher plan. in that sense, we found some truth and rated it as half- truth. >> thank you, bill. our next pred
objection. mr. hoyer: i yield to the gentleman from virginia. mr. cantor: mr. speaker, on monday and tuesday, no votes are expected in the house. on wednesday the house will meet at noon for morning hour, 2:00 p.m. for legislative business. votes will be postponed until 6:30 p.m. on thursday the house will meet at 10:00 a.m. for morning hour and noon for legislative business. on friday the house will meet at 9:00 a.m. for legislative business. last votes of the week are expected no later than 3:00 p.m. mr. speaker, the house will consider a number of bills under suspension of the rules next week, including a prioritization of visas for foreign graduates of american universities in the stem fields and issue being championed by chairman lamar smith, the gentleman from texas, as well as bob goodlatte from virginia and raul labrador from idaho. a complete list of suspensions will be announced at the close of business today. in addition, mr. speaker, the house will consider h.j.res. 118, sponsored by chairman dave camp, which provides for congressional disapproval of a rules submitted by the depa
director in virginia, tennessee, and west virginia. in 1992, he was the virginia co- chairman of the campaign of paul tsongas. he was the chiefs' staff attorney for the court of appeals for virginia. the concord coalition has an ad in politico today. it is "an open letter to our leaders in washington." what is the message? guest: the concord coalition is a bipartisan organization -- sam nunn and warren rudman, two former senators, are our cochairs. we have been arguing for a balanced fiscal policy. the message in the ad has to do with this fiscal cliff that is coming up at the end of the year where, for various reasons, we have automatic tax increase is going into effect and spending cuts going into effect. all that is intended to reduce the deficit, and we do need that amount of deficit reduction, but it would not be a good thing to let it all kick in at the same time. that would be a rather irrational response. what we are urging members of congress to do, with the other groups that you mentioned, is to make sure that any steps that they take to avoid the so- called fiscal c
with virginia voters who are self-supporters or undecided voters. including "washington post" dan balz and john harwood from last night just under 2 1/2 hours. >> welcome, welcome. any seat. they're all equally great. and the only thing is, please put your name tags directly towards me. so i can read them easily. richard, towards me. that's great. thank you. move up here. that's great. can you turn your nameplate towards me. and it is raj, right? >> yes. >> pamela, you go by pamela? >> yes. >> great. mary. and carlina? >> yes. >> ann. charles. >> i prefer charlie. >> ok, charlie. christina. good. a.j. and sue an -- susan and david. welcome, welcome, welcome. thank you all very much for being here. this is a focus group. and i'm delighted to have all of you here. what we are going to do is talk about the 2012 election. this is being done for the annenberg center for public policy at the university of pennsylvania. my name is peter hart and i have been doing these sessions for the university of pennsylvania and center for public policy for about 12 years now. they are only meant to be a discussio
c-span and see what is being said versus what is being reported. host: and we move to virginia, democrat line. caller: how are you today? host: go ahead with your comment or question. caller: i wonder how you find hope and our political system we have callers like you just had that are clearly [unintelligible] not understanding what is being done. you have this obstruction from the senate and house republicans and they have totally taken over the system and a way to block obama, but it is really people that have blocked obama. they do not fight to find out the facts and more or try to get the real news stories. i wonder if this would be the end of america, people turning into glenn beck and making these ultra right-wing conservative shows, getting knowledge that is totally untrue and they do not care. host: any comment? guest: i think you see one -- see people on one side of the other seeking out tv or radio or other media that will sort of confirm what they believe. a lot of conservatives tend to watch fox news. people on the other side tend to watch msnbc. i think there is a
with military technology and support, i think, is the appropriate role at this point. host: richmond, virginia, james, democratic caller. caller: yes, i was just wondering what homeland security was doing about white supremicist groups, you know, domestic terrorism? and tim think mcveigh was one of the worst right wing terrorists and you guys never mention him. it's amazing. guest: actually i think he gets mentioned a lot. partly as an example of what one individual can do in the destruction and the death that he can create. i think that is more however a law enforcement, f.b.i., justice department sort of role to investigate those domestic terrorism. homeland security is more responsible for guarding our borders, northern, southern, people coming by water and people coming by air. as well as a lot of coordination with local law enforcement. so, they have some law enforcement responsibilities, but if you're talking about going to investigate a group who you think may -- guest: congressman, i need to jump in we need to go to the white house where they're going to d a moment of silence. we'll co
with appearances in toledo. both candidates had to virginia tomorrow. mitt romney holds a rally in springfield, va., and then he heads to washington, d.c., for a fund raiser. >> to foster work and enterprise in the middle east and other developing countries, i will initiate what i call prosperity pacts, working with the private sector. the program will identify barriers to trade and entrepreneurialism and developing nations, and in exchange for removing those barriers and opening for u.s. trade, they will receive u.s. assistance packages promoted to developing several of liberty, the rule of law, and property rights. >> we believe it is not unique to one culture. it is universal values. even as there will be huge challenges to come with the transition to democracy, ultimately, i am convinced the government by the people and for the people is likely to bring about stability in an individual opportunity that serve as a basis for this world. >> mid romney and president obama meet for their first presidential debate. watch and engage with c-span, including our lives debate preview at 7:00 a.m. eastern
. it was not just michigan, my friends. in colorado, the auto rescue saved more than 9000 jobs. in virginia -- virginia, more than 19,000 jobs. in north carolina, 25,000 jobs. in wisconsin, wisconsin -- 28,000 jobs. in pennsylvania, 34,000 jobs. in florida, 35,000 jobs. in ohio, 150,000 jobs. in the great state of michigan, 211,000 good-paying american jobs. all across america, manufacturing is rebound in. why? [applause] you know what i am saying. [applause] [chanting] >> usa. usa. usa. >> all right, now. when mitt romney said let detroit go bankrupt, who took the wheel? barack obama. when america was losing 750,000 jobs a month, who gave us a lift? barack obama. when american markets broke down, who just started the engine? barack obama. when america needed it the most, who got us rolling again on the road to recovery? barack obama. america, we need to ramp up our engines and our ballots. the d for drive 4. the -- forward. the r is for reverse. let's reelect president barack obama. >> speakers from last night's democratic national convention wrapped up including acceptance speeches. you c
. the less safe are alabama, arkansas, west virginia. there is something of a pattern there that defined. and one of them is that the states with lower fatality rates tend to have more liberal workers' compensation benefits. that means that the cost of an injury to an employer in those states is higher, which probably gives them some incentive to do a better job of prevention in the workplaces. the costs in alabama and was for genarlow work. also, there are fewer unions in those states to protect workers. the and comes in those states are lower, which may mean that people are willing to work at riskier jobs than they are in the states where they are affluent. host: bill wiatrowski, do you have statistics on how many people are on disability because of work injuries by state? guest: our data looks at those people who are injured in the non-fatal injury. we have information on the number of workers that are not fatally injured in a given year. as i mentioned earlier, about 4600 fatal injuries in a given year. there are close to the same not fatally injured during the year. these are record
: a democratic caller in west virginia, good morning. caller: good morning. i watched the video and it goes to show that mitt romney acts like a spoiled kid. he wants to be president and does not care what he does for anybody. it is just his ambition to be president. host: let me get your response to what paul ryan had to say yes or dead -- to say yesterday in des moines. some are comparing this video to the video of president obama the than nominee back in 2008 at a fund-raiser. >> mitt romney cannot be trusted. he will not show his tax returns. he worked for bank capital. all they did was bring companies to make a big profit. they call him a businessman. he never ran businesses. he just tore them down. that keptis the ones the business is going. they told him what to do. they could do nothing but go under. host: more on the comments that president obama made back in 2008 at a private fund raisers. from "the washington times" -- that was also part of that video. armed beach, fla., an independent, go ahead. caller: this video confirms what i have known for a long time is that mitt romney is
virginia, mr. scott, each will control 20 minutes. the chair recognizes the gentleman from texas, mr. smith. mr. smith: mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days within which to revise and extend their remarks and include extraneous materials on h.r. 6368 as amended currently under consideration and i yield myself such time as i may consume. the gentleman is recognized. mr. smith: i thank congressman canseco on the issue of cross-border violence and impact on the united states and i will now yield him, the gentleman from texas, mr. canseco, as much time as he might consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from recognized. mr. canseco: i thank my friend and colleague and chairman of the judiciary committee, mr. smith, as well as his diligent and hard-working staff for their help on this very important matter. and i come to the floor today, mr. speaker, to speak in support of my legislation, h.r. 6368, the border security information and improvement act. as a representative of a district with nearly 800 miles of u.s.-mexico border, i know firs
it is virginia or whatever. i think as the election becomes more focused, the divide will be more pronounced. >> it is a little confusing thinking about the 2012 race, israel is in your sight lines. on one hand you have clearly at icy relationship between the prime minister of israel and the president of the united states. it is not a good feeling. the defense minister says that when it comes to military spending, the iron dome defense system, remember this is not the first time that egyptians ransacked an embassy. they ransacked the israeli embassy eight months ago. this is the second time in one year that in egypt embassy is fair game. the prime minister called obama immediately and obama got on of holland -- the phone and said, do something about this. protect these people. she will routinely say that this is the best president in american history in terms of support for israel. in terms of military spending, we have never got more support. but if you ask people on the street, they have a very different reading of the feelings of obama to israel. >> i had taken the position up until recen
yields back the balance of his time. the chair recognizes the gentleman from virginia, mr. connolly, for five minutes. mr. connolly: madam speaker, republicans have pursued an obstructionist agenda since taking control of this body. seemingly to risking harm to our economy for political gain. the refusal of the house republicans to even consider compromise has resulted in the 112th congress becoming among the least productive congresses ever. the 112th congress is a congress when it comes to measured productivity. consider the most simple metric. the number of laws passed per congress. the legislative output of this congress a mere 173 public laws passed, is a pittance when compared to the 900 public laws passed by what was called the do-nothing congress of the truman era, or the 333 public laws passed in the era of divided government in the 104th congress. or consider one of the most fundamental constitutional responsibilities, funding the government, once again the 112th congress distinguishes itself of shear incompetence having managed to pass zero appropriations bills. the 112th
pleased to yield one minute to our esteemed majority leader, mr. cantor, the gentleman from virginia. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia is recognized for one minute. mr. cantor: i thank the speaker and thank the gentlelady for her leadership in bringing this resolution forward. mr. speaker, i rise today in support of this resolution to condemn the violence against our diplomatic missions in libya, egypt, yemen, and elsewhere. we acknowledge and honor the personal sacrifice of the brave americans who gave their lives in service to our nation. u.s. ambassador chris stevens, foreign service information management officer sean smith, and security officers tyrone woods and glen doherty tragically lost their lives far from home in benghazi, libya, where they were promoting american interests and helping the libyan people secure the hard fought gains of their revolution. these heroes died upholding the liberty, democracy, and moderation we value as a nation. in the wake of their jobs and ongoing protests and violence, americans want to know what our strategy is for protec
, virginia. within the next year or two, congress will likely be asked to approve a free trade agreement as part of this initiative. i hope the administration is using those negotiations to strongly encourage the vietnamese government to finally, at long last, respect human rights. h.r. 1410 would institute effective measures toward improving human rights in vietnam as reported by our committee. the boil prohibits any increase in nonhumanitarian assistance to the government of vietnam above fiscal 2011 levels unless the government makes substantial progress in establishing -- may i have another minute? ms. ros-lehtinen: i yield the gentleman another minute. mr. smith: unless it makes progress, we laid out a series of steps it must take and the people it must protect. it does not prevent funding to the vietnamese government for humanitarian assistance such as food, medicine, agent orange remediation and money to combat human trafficking. the freeze is on -- on foreign assistance at 2010 levels can be waived if the president determines that increased nonhumanitarian aid to vietnam would in
of the house of representatives that i have been served with a subpoena issued by the chesterfield, virginia, general district court civil for hearing testimony. after consultation with the office of general counsel i have determined that compliance with the subpoena is not consistent with the privileges and rights of the house. signed sincerely, c.j. johnson, constituent services representative. the speaker pro tempore: the chair will now recognize one-minute speeches. for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania rise? mr. thompson: mr. speaker, i request unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. thompson: mr. speaker, the house isn't in order. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the house will be in order. mr. thompson: thank you, mr. speaker. i rise today to recognize lance of center county, pennsylvania. this week on september 13, 2012, lance will be honored as the 2012 recipient of the navy league of central pennsylvania, lieutenant michael p. murphy's distinguished citizen aw
to be able to talk about this. one of them is our friend from virginia, mr. moran and he handed me some talking points and i ask unanimous consent for them to be included in the record as well. i yield time to my very, very good friend from new york, mr. meeks. the speaker pro tempore: request is covered by general leave. mr. dreier: great. so it's going to be in there. the speaker pro tempore: if the gentleman wishes to ask for it. mr. dreier: i ask unanimous consent that all members may have five legislative days in which to revise and extend their remarks for general leave and any great remarks they would like to include in the record and with that, i recognize my colleague, mr. meeks. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. meeks: this is a bipartisan bill that makes common sense, common sense that we get this done. so, as i stand here today, i say to you it is the right thing for america. it is the right thing for businesses in america. and it's the right thing for us to create jobs in america passing this for russia. mr. dreier said, russia is the ninth largest m
brewing co. in alexandria, virginia. >> i am the executive director of a company that provides business support and billing services to the entrepreneurs. >> we make solar panels here in milwaukee, wisconsin. you have to believe in what you are doing and what you were going to build. >> the connection between small businesses and the middle-class really is they are one and the same. middle-class people start small businesses that employ other middle-class people. >> and i think small businesses are the backbone of this country. they are one of the single most important factors in getting this economy started. >> small businesses produce most of the new jobs in this country. they are the anchors of our main street. when i took office, i put into place an economic plan to help small businesses and we were guided by a simple idea -- government can't guarantee success, but it can knock down barriers to success like the lack of affordable credit. >> i had no idea they could help a business like me and it was great to see those programs were available. that is something i think other small bu
to be a legitimate legal challenge. i'm optimistic in that regard. host: mary in virginia. caller: good morning. i am sick and tired of the democrats and the president. that is the head of the executive branch that is required to make sure that jobs and resources go to those here legally. you have 7 million illegals working jobs. our unemployed are homeless and cannot put food on the table. week that people all over the world know what to, to work. there is no way we can employ everybody. you have to make >> washington journal airs every morning, live at 7:00 eastern. we go back to the house for a vote on electronic surveillance law and a couple of other bills. 5865 the first electronic vote will be conducted as a 15-minute vote. remaining electronic -- electronic votes will be conducted as five-minute votes. the unfinished business is the vote on passage of h.r. 5949 on which the yeas and nays were ordered. the clerk will report the title of the bill. the clerk: union calendar number 463, h.r. 5949, a bill to extend the fisa amendments act of 2008 for five years. the speaker pro tempore: the questio
's building surface ships down in virginia or nuclear submarines up in the state of connecticut, the fact of the matter is the sequestration option as s.e.c. leon panetta has said, would be catastrophic for the national defense of this country. the fact of the matter is there are proposals on the table which would avert the implementation of sequestration. i said on the armed services committee, we had a hearing with leaders from the aerospace industry, we had leaders from the administration, the head of the budget office, the undersecretary of defense who handles budget policy, ashton carter, and if you look at the budget which president obama put out in january, and if you look at paul ryan's budget resolution in 2011, what you will see is in fact there is overlap between the two that could easily get us to a point of defusing the sequestration chainsaw that i mentioned out there. we have to hit a target of $1.2 trillion in terms of deficit reduction to avert sequestration from going into effect. if you look at the savings from the drawdown in afghanistan, which paul ryan and the republ
, independent line from arlington, virginia. caller: i would like to ask one question. i used to be a republican. i'm a ron paul supporter and i honestly think that he is the only gentleman remaining in congress and i'll tell you why. number one, now we have a nominee in the republican party called mitt romney. he made so much money and sends it overseas and wants to start something with china. he wants us to go to war with iran. this is a gentleman who has five sons and not one of them is in the military. and he wants us to go to war with iran. we don't have money to pay for these wars. ryan voted for two wars and medicare part d, stimulus, tax cuts and now he is complaining that we're in debt, how did we get there? guest: when we talk about iran and the concerns i have with iran getting nuclear weapons and the issues right now with israel and with iran, i think that the president has sent mixed signals. he says to israel, we have your back. i'm not exactly sure what that means anymore and the people of israel aren't sure. iran continues to move forward, i believe developing nuclear weapons and
virginia man to 0 years in prison for plotting to bomb the u.s. capitol. these plots highlight the danger that al qaeda-inspired extremists pose to our country. beyond these threats we face a period of unrest and a period of transition in the middle east and north africa. the arab spring or awakening now in progress for well over a year have led to fundamental reforms in the region. al qaeda was not part of this change, but the group is seeking to take advantage of the unrest in some areas. seeking to establish safe havens and recruit extremists where security is diminished. now, if i may, turning to the role of the national counterterrorism center. congress and this committee created nctc to help lead this effort to combat these threats. our founding principle is the imperative to integrate all terrorism information and share that knowledge with those on the frontlines of this fight. will i take a few moments to describe the ways in which we are seeking to achieve this goal every day at nctc. first intelligence information and state-of-the-art analysis. nctc serves as the prior marry --
they did in virginia. that really is the nature of my heart. by doing so, we could really reduce recidivism and increase recovery. the power of recovery is incredible. to block out the recovery people from those services is insane to me. like said, the state is not going to change. but the federal not going to change. but the federal government, if you could just say, we've got to smelt -- spent a little bit of money on that instead of just building crocker sees. that is the general thought process. >> -- building bureaucracies. that is the general thought process. >> as far as spending in the block grant programs, we have some spending that is specific around recovery services. we are doing a new initiative with hud and some of our partners at a cms and trying to put together the services and support and housing it would need to maintain housing. i can talk about that for a long time. i agree with you that we need to do more recovery support services. we need to incorporate that into our grant making program to the extent that we can. >> any questions from the press? >> this question is fo
, without an action january of 2011, and a separate action with the proceedings of florida. virginia filed an action as well. 28 states. the focus of the original lawsuit was about the constitutionality of the law and the totality. at that related to the commerce clause, individual mandate. we began the litigation and motions were filed by the government. and in oklahoma, when the case was taken up by the supreme court. as of the decision in june, i filed a motion to lift the stay in oklahoma, the eastern district, asking judge white to consider an amendment. as you know, the original challenge was about constitutionality of the law. this is about implementation. this addresses the concerns about the irs a world that was adopted may 18 specifically, and the affordable care act's the implementation, if you will, of the employer mandate, the penalty under the law dealing with large employers. it is about that role an inconsistency with the language, the statute, and seeking to hold the pro- government accountable as it relates to implementing that particular portion of the law. host: what ab
declared the university of virginia as the top party school. >> i was in the library the whole time. >> into a dozen 6, he became the first lawyer to fill a position, assistant attorney general for -- and is now in private practice. ken, please. >> i always thought it was dangerous to be on a panel that starts with a reference to "playboy." i have been asked about three cases, and national security case, and then other cases. clapper vs. amnesty international, a standing case related to a challenge of the fisa amendments act. fisa was passed to a dozen a, an amendment of the foreign intelligence surveillance act passed in 1978. you have to understand the merits of little bit. >> for those watching on c-span, what is standing? >> whether a party has a right to appear in court and challenge the statutes. the plaintiffs are attorneys, human rights activists, and others who are in regular contact with people overseas, people who might be the subject of electronic surveillance by the federal government, and they are challenging the law that allows this because they are concerned their co
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